Whitetail Management Hunt with Mike and Dustin from Archery Country | Premier Ranch
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Whitetail Management Hunt with Mike and Dustin from Archery Country

08 Oct Whitetail Management Hunt with Mike and Dustin from Archery Country

Our goal on Premier News is to post great hunts and happenings on the ranch. Mike Luckie and Dustin Gauvain from Archery Country in Austin came out to hunt with us this weekend.  It was a great weekend and Mike graciously wrote a post that we wanted to share.  Awesome guys! Awesome hunt!  Thanks Mike and Dustin and our guides, Jay and Jed!
Post from Mike Luckie:
Here is a little run down of my weekend
I right this review with some hesitancy. This ranch is so good I don’t know if I want the word getting out. Premier Ranch, in Mason TX, is one of the best ranches I’ve ever been to. Now with that being said, the staff there could not have been better, I wanted for nothing & at the end of the hunt I felt guilty because they treated me so well.

I was on this hunt for, culls and does & the first hunt all I saw were Trophies and wet does. No deer were harvested on the first night of the hunt. So we went back to the lodge and was treated to a steak dinner that I would have paid high dollar for at any steakhouse in Texas. The rest of the night we spent around the great fire place on the patio sharing good stories.

The next morning we were taken to different blinds then we had hunting the night before. Not ten minute into the hunt, even before I could see due to the sun not being up yet I could hear corn popping. Once there was enough day light to see, I see a 170 class typical standing at the feeder. How I didn’t spook it I’ll never know, it had to hear me crying. Shortly there after in came a barren doe, Jay my guide gave me the shoot signal & I did as I was told, Smoked it! Not fifteen minutes later, Mr 170 came back in and brought his 3 year old 4 point buddy with him. Again, Jay says “Shooter”. And once again I do as I’m told, Smoked! By this time I’m higher then Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night. But wait here comes another solo doe & the “Shooter” sign comes up again from Jay, Rage to the ribcage! Now mind you, I’ve shot 3 deer and still haven’t tracked any of them and there is still more deer standing in front of me. We get word at this point that Dustin, my friend and other hunter has got two deer down as well. OK it’s time to start collecting our deer. After 30 minutes of tracking and dragging my three deer, Dustin shows up and he’s managed to shoot another one, bring his total to 1 cull buck and two does, the same as what I’ve shot. So six deer in one morning hunt for two hunters, not bad in my book.

Well time to get to work, not. Jay and Jed start gutting and quartering our animals?! Never, I repeat, never have I had anyone do that for me, now I’ve done this for people on numerous occasions but never had it done for me.

So in closing if you only book one hunt this year make it with Premier. If not just for culls, for Trophies, I saw several deer near the 200 inch mark and they were all typical not the usual head exploding non typical freaks.

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