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Winchester Premier Field Day – Success!

09 Apr Winchester Premier Field Day – Success!

The day could not have been better.  The weather was beautiful and the crowd was full.  The ranch hosted over 25 bird hunters ready to test the new, pre-released, Winchester ROOSTER XR pheasant round. Representative, Zack Ezer, set up a booth with information about the ammo and demo guns and then allowed several rounds of clay target shooting. 

Zack thumbs up

It was out to the field later in the day with innovative bird launchers to test the accuracy of the ammo and the hunters.  I think it took several by surprise, but most never missed a shot.  Among the shooters were father and son, Tom and Baylor Brooks from Stephenville.  They enjoyed the ammo and even gave a few lessons to the newcomers in wing shooting.  Thank you Baylor, Witt had a blast!


Jay Presti from Blue Collar Adventures, and crew were also here to enjoy the day filming the event.  (Look for upcoming hunts filmed on the ranch with Blue Collar Adventures.) 

A few of the guys

Overall the day was set up for a great Winchester Premier Field Day to debut the new ammo.  A Texas style lunch was provided by Capital Farm Credit out of Austin, prepared by Bobby and Jo Anne Mims. 

Thank you to all those in attendance, Capital Farm Credit, Bobby and Jo Anne Mims, and Zack Ezer!  Let’s do it again soon. 


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